Friday, June 20, 2014

Knotted Difficulty

Okay, so here I was checking out a link on YouTube.  I should know by now to stay away from that place in regards to artsy stuff. 
Well, I was initially looking to see how to create a mandala and I came across this video.  As usual, I probably jumped in at the deep end instead of looking for a beginner project to try out first. 
As I thought about this, I said, we as Christians sometimes find ourselves jumping into the deep end. 
Sink or swim, baby, sink or swim.
So I had to either try to complete this thing or just give up.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I am not the give up type of person.  So, I followed the instructions, step by step, line by line with the video.  the first one is a pencil drawing.  (It is the second image)  The second one, I drew following the steps on my first one.
I was all over the place.  I had to begin to understand the flow of what I was trying to do.  It was very difficult.  I could not find the flow until near the end. 
Is this not what we find out lives like sometimes.  Knotted up by difficulty.  But the answer is right in front of us.  Follow the word of God, line upon line, precept upon precept.  It is then that we can find success and be complete. 
Just a thought I had......

Celtic Knot ~ very difficult


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