Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Life Changes

Each of us must go through changes.  Willing or not, change is inevitable.  How you handle your change is your choice.  Make note of things that bring change, for the good or for the bad.  Keep a record of your life changes and see how God is really working things out for you!

In life changes there are tools that we will need during the process.  I've got inks, scissors, glue, color supplies, water, brushes, stamps, images.  Change requires cutting some things out, stamping new images into our lives and brushing out the residue of past failures and mistakes.

Even when change has come, sometimes there is still a lot of "noise that surrounds us.  How do we delete the noise?  Hone in on what God is speaking into your life.  Focus on his word, immerse yourself in prayer.  Connect with the one who created you and chose you way back BEFORE time began.

As you begin to focus on what God desires, you will find the noise gradually fading into oblivion.  What others desire for you no longer influences who you are or what you do.  Especially if their desires are not your desires and do not line up with what God is doing in your life.

As God continues to design you and make you into his image and his dreams for you, why, look how you begin to shine and blossom and change!  Isn't God amazing?  All the things we can do and become if we only let him do the completed work in us!  Are you ready for CHANGE?


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